"When the Nocternal consumed us, we knew in our collective subconscious that it was our own doing. It was civilization’s inevitable doomsday. A world that we created, destroyed by the darkness spawned from that very world. A karmic cycle come full circle. Not everyone acknowledges our vital role in this, our greatest sin. In the face of its consequences, however, it is impossible for us not to claim responsibility."

- excerpt from Father Fatelot's journal, Year 7

"This is your apocalypse…

an Armageddon of the people, for the people, by the people.


Reset the timeline of history:

Year Zero.

Darkness envelopes the earth. We see

no hero.

Not a single savior.

No messiah comes around.

Freedom only forged

from the rEvolution Underground.


From the ruins

the dead shall rise.

With embers for eyes

we will strive to survive,

fighting for our lives under midnight skies."

- excerpts from Shadow, as written by Dostah Shilailee, approximately 60 years Before Darkness.

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